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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

'$' Cake

I've finally gotten around to setting up my blog and I've been blown away by how easy it has been! I felt inspired to do this after reading Jase's blog about his "Running with the Bulls" adventure and checking out the cool photos - especially the one where he's touching the bull!

We have a roster at work for bringing in birthday cakes and it turns out that it was my turn last week. As Ray is our Financial Controller, I decided to make a cake that reflected his position at work:

I made a double recipe and used the extra batter for cupcakes. After cutting out an 'S' into the rectangular cake, I used the extra cake pieces for the line through the middle to create '$'. I also decorated the cupcakes with '$' signs and placed chocolate coins on top of and around the cake.

I was pretty pleased with the final result - what do you think? I won't post the recipe as the cake itself wasn't the best. It was tasty but probably a little too dry, although I did need a cake that would not be too crumbly for this purpose.


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