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A Few of My Favourite Things!

Friday, July 22, 2005

Our babies

A beuatiful face-shot of Natasha taken by Mick just last week. She is gorgeous and highly vocal at meal-times and Isabella is laid-back and loves being cuddled. Here they are playing with a Lindt chocolate wrapper.

We have a video of Bella & Tasha with their litter mates at around 8 weeks old. In the video, their mum, Cheyanne, can be heard meowing in the background. We were watching the video the other day and as soon as Cheyanne started meowing, both our babies awoke from their slumber. They seemed to recognise their mum's voice and spent some time trying to locate the source of the meows. I suppose that shouldn't be too surprising but it was certainly interesting for us to watch. I would love to take them over to visit their mum & sister and watch their interactions.


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