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A Few of My Favourite Things!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


The Collingwood Farmers Market is on again this weekend! A & I try to get to this on the second Saturday of every month. We make it part of our Saturday morning stroll to drop by, but if we buy lots of goodies, it's not always as much fun getting home! Fortunately, my lovely husband never lets me carry much of the heavy stuff - even the not so heavy stuff :-) .

Also, a reminder that there will be an Artisan Producers' Picnic being held at the Abbotsford Convent, St Heliers St as part of the Slow Food Festival on the 10th and 11th September. You will have the chance to meet the producers directly and to purchase food from them to create your own picnic - YUM! See you there!


  • Yup. Markets are great! I hope you bring your camera! =)

    I love the Queen Vic Markets. We definitely need one of those in Sydney!

    By Blogger Helen (AugustusGloop), at Wed. Aug. 10, 11:31:00 pm AEST  

  • Oh thanks for that! Today I was thinking it was time for another visit to Collingwood and thought that I had missed it this month (labouring under the delusion that it was the first Saturday). I will see if I can manage it early tomorrow.

    Lovely to see another Melbourne blogger and such a surprise to see my blog as I scroll down the list of links! I must update mine soon - so many things to do, so little time to cook!

    (And the cats ... I have no words)

    By Blogger plum, at Fri. Aug. 12, 09:30:00 pm AEST  

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