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Friday, September 30, 2005

Lifting of cheese ban in Australia!

A & I happened to stop by the Simon Johnson store in Toorak on the weekend, where A purchased a selection of cheeses. We found out while in the store that the Australian ban on the import of soft cheeses made from unpasteurised milk was recently lifted and they were even considering allowing the production of such cheeses in Australia! You cannot imagine how excited we were by this. It was music to our ears (or is that eyes), and very soon we hope, our tastebuds!! YAY!!!

We only recently had the opportunity to sample some cheeses made from unpasteurised milk while travelling in Europe and the taste was incredible. I don't think A had ANY cheeses made from pasteurised milk while we were away knowing that we couldn't get this stuff at home.

Then today, I came across an article from the Epicure section (27/09/2005) of the The Age newspaper and noticed this sentence: "The Federal Government announced last week that bans on the import and sale of the blue ewe's milk cheese made from unpasteurised milk were to be lifted." Apparently, the approval only covers Roquefort raw milk cheese, but hey that's at least a start. After some more surfing on the net, I found out that there's already a waiting list at Simon Johnson stores.


  • The other exciting side to the story is that now we're allowed to import and consume raw milk cheeses bc evidently they won't give us food poisoning, local cheesemakers will use that as the launchpad to start making their own unpasteurised cheeses! Yay!!!

    By Blogger Niki, at Mon. Oct. 03, 04:59:00 pm AEST  

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