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A Few of My Favourite Things!

Monday, October 10, 2005


Yesterday morning, I went (as I do every morning) to collect our mail from the post office box. On most days there is some registered mail that I have to sign for, but that morning I noticed that there was a medium-sized box with my name across the side! I was ready to leap over the counter, snatch the box from the person behind reception, run home and rip the box open so that I could examine its contents! BUT, I managed to summon up sufficient self control to sign for all the registered mail, thank the gentleman who handed me the box and saunter out of the post office with the box under my arm, looking as if I received parcels like this every day. I even managed to wait for A so that he could share the excitement with me. What a great parcel this was! My BBM partner, Sandra who is an Australian expat now living in the US, put so much thought into the parcel - have a look at what I received:

Copper River Smoked Sockeye Salmon, a Seattle's Best Coffee mini-sampler pack, Redhook Brewery Party Mix , chocolate mint shortbread cookies and chocolate from Fran Bigelow, Maury Island Marionberry jam, a Space Needle Douglas Fir ornament. I've never heard of Marionberries, but these are a domesticated blackberry variety that is favoured for pie, yoghurt, ice cream and jam. I can't wait to try everything out!

Sandra's cat, Jasper, sent Bella & Tasha some Wild Side Salmon cat treats. Look at them trying to get their paws on the treats! They sent purrs of delight and thanks to Jasper for thinking of them.

I stopped by the post office again this morning and was delighted to find another parcel from Sandra waiting for me. Knowing that Australian customs can be pretty strict on allowing food items through, she sent two parcels in the hope that I would receive at least one of them. The second parcel contained a Seattle cookbook, a Halloween edition of Martha Stewart Living magazine, Halloween tissues, Halloween hot chocolate and a hand salve and lip cream. Sandra also wisely chose to send 3 biscuit recipes instead of actual biscuits because it is likely that they would not have made it through customs. I'm looking forward to trying her special Chocolate, Cranberry & Orange Sable biscuits - yum!

I'm blown away by the effort Sandra has put into my parcel - thanks so much, Sandra! - and I hope that she received an equally great parcel from her BBM partner.

Head over to The Samantha Files for the round up and make sure you sign up for BBM3...


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