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A Few of My Favourite Things!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

WCB 18

We had some lovely weather in Melbourne last Sunday. The sun was shining and crowds of people were outside in T-shirts and singlets enjoying the spring weather. A & I packed a picnic lunch and took the cats out for their first outdoor adventure. We placed the girls in their harnesses and carried them to the nearby Carlton Gardens, laid out a picnid rug and let the cats out of the bag. At first, they both stayed close by A, getting used to their new environment.

Soon, however, we noticed Bella creeping off the picnic rug to lay on the ground. Look at her reaching out with her tongue for the blades of grass! She was just soaking up the glorious sunshine and keeping a sharp eye on her new surroundings, her curiousity aroused by the movement of people, birds and bees around her. Tasha remained too cautious to stray off the rug. She remained close to A the entire time, content to sit in front of him and to share some gourmet cheese offerings that we had picked up from Simon Johnson. Look at the way she is gazing adoringly at A in this next photo:

Head over to Clare's at Eat Stuff to see photos of the other gorgeous felines...


  • Awww, they are both so adorable! I love how Bella is enjoying the grass, soaking up all that sunshine and Tasha is looking so sweet on A's lap.

    By Blogger boo_licious, at Sat. Oct. 08, 04:36:00 pm AEST  

  • Your little ones seem so calm ~ I suspect Agnes would throw a fit if I tried to take her out on a harness. She is very timid.

    By Blogger linda, at Sun. Oct. 09, 07:33:00 am AEST  

  • You are so lucky you can take your cats to the park and they are so good! I tried to lead train my cat....that didnt go over very well....She was not having it!

    By Blogger IndyFoodie, at Mon. Oct. 10, 12:13:00 am AEST  

  • Looks like one very happy cat!

    By Blogger Cate, at Mon. Oct. 10, 12:41:00 pm AEST  

  • boo_licious & sweetnicks: isn't Bell's expression just one of pure bliss?

    linda & indyfoodie: we don't try to walk them on the leads! Tasha gets a little frightened at first, but she was quite relaxed by the end of our picnic

    By Blogger cin, at Mon. Oct. 10, 01:28:00 pm AEST  

  • You have such beautiful cats! I tried to take my cats out in harnesses when they were kittens. It didn't go so well for us. One cat wouldn't stop playing wih the leash and the other cat laid on his back and refused to move! That was the end of my cat walking days!


    By Blogger Cynthia Rae, at Mon. Oct. 10, 06:34:00 pm AEST  

  • cin, they are so elegant and gorgeous! Every time I see them, I just want to pat them.

    Just to let you know - I've tagged you for the 23/5 meme. Have fun with it!

    By Blogger plum, at Tue. Oct. 11, 12:32:00 pm AEST  

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