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Saturday, October 29, 2005

WCB 21 - Party Time!

Bella & Tasha wish Kiri a Happy Birthday!

I was wondering what to make for this special WCB and yesterday the lighbulb went on! What could be more appropriate for a kitty gathering than a sardine-flavoured dish? I remember a dish that mum used to make with sardines in tomato sauce. I used to love pulling out the string of bones and crunching on them. I don't have sardines very much now, but I still love them and I still love pulling out the string of bones. For these sardine puffs, I drained canned sardines from the tomato sauce they were in then added chopped onion, lime juice, chilli flakes & sliced red chilli and pepper. After reducing the sauce, I added the flaked sardines and cooked until it was pretty dry. I wrapped the filling with puff pastry and baked at 190C for ~20min before glazing it with and egg/milk mixture. Bella & Tasha didn't actually get to have the sardine puffs as they are for party tomorrow, but they did get to taste a little bit of filling...and yes, they enjoyed it very much.

Want to join our party? Visit Kiri & Clare at Eat Stuff...


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