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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Chilli Padi Degustation Menu

We had an early Christmas office function at Chilli Padi tonight and were treated to a specially organised degustation menu. The chef who helped organise the menu, Li, was delightful to deal with and the wait staff, although a little awkard at times, were generally quite competent. The night was very warm and humid and the seating a little too close for comfort. It would have been better if they had provided a little more breathing room between tables and between people at the same table given that the room was not air conditioned.

The table had been laid with white table cloths and napkins, and a touch of festivity was added with the presence of 'Noel' candles and some bonbons that we had brought along. Although the setting was lovely and the staff attentive, the food was a little hit and miss.

Unagi seaweed and Mirin Oyster Shot:
I'm not sure that the wasabi-flavoured liquid really did much for the oyster. In fact, it was probably a little too sweet for my liking too. The unagi with seaweed was really tasty though.

Chilli Soft Shell Crab on Baguette:
Yum! The deep fried soft shell crab definitely hit the spot. I skipped the baguette cos I couldn't really see the point of it but the lettuce formed the perfect foil for the rich flavour of the crab.

Lobster with Scallion and Ginger on Crispy Noodles:
The lobster was tough and noodles too dry. I much prefer the traditional version of this dish.

Fish with Ulam Sweet Chilli Sauce and Rice:
The fish was too dry for my taste although the others found it okay.

Beef Rendang with Crispy Roti Fingers and Tomato Sambal:
The rendang had a great flavour but the beef was not as tender as I had hoped and the roti fingers were dry, not fluffy. I didn't see any tomato sambal.

Twice-cooked Duck with Plum and Cranberry Salad and Shitake Mash:
I had been really looking forward to this dish but unfortunately the duck was rather bland and not falling off the bone as I had hoped it would be. The salad was really tasty though and the mash was more-ish.

Cold Berry Soup with Fruit Cubes and speckled caviar pearls and truffle wonton:
This was a lovely refreshing end to dinner. The caviar pearls turned out to be just sago, despite the exotic sounding description. I enjoyed this dessert very much after the meal.

I also baked Pierre Herme's Faubourg Pave (baked in a round tin) to serve as part of the meal. This is one RICH dessert! He suggests using Valrhona Manjari (bittersweet) and Jivara (milk) for the ganache but I had used the Callebaut that was in my pantry instead. My goodness - what flavour! Also, I marinated the apricots with szechuan as well as black pepper. Mmmmm...

Although I wouldn't be tempted to try the degustation menu again anytime soon, I would come back to check out the hawker-style dishes that they serve at Chilli Malam. It looks like a great place to sit down with a group of close friends for a late meal.


  • Wow, check out that cake!! Looks beautiful, and rich!

    I like Chilli Padi's Chilli Malam, I don't think the food is as good as you'll get in Malaysia (duh!), but I love the smell and the atmosphere.


    xox Sarah

    By Blogger Sarah, at Sun. Nov. 27, 11:12:00 am AEDT  

  • Wow - what a meal. I've never had an Asian style degustation; however you could probably call one of my family dinners a degustation when you see the variety of dishes on offer.

    And Wow - that cake looks amazing. I would love to hear more about steeping the fruit in szechuan... what does that involve? Does it add a depth of spice to it?

    Great post Cin :)

    By Blogger deborah, at Mon. Nov. 28, 10:40:00 pm AEDT  

  • The cake was really rich and delicious! Saffy, after bringing some glaced apricots to a gentle boil in water then draining and cooling, I diced and tossed them in the peppers and lemon juice. It really did add depth of flavour to the apricot topping. I added more pepper than was suggested but didn't think it was too overpowering.

    By Blogger cin, at Mon. Nov. 28, 11:05:00 pm AEDT  

  • Wow. I wanna work at your company. A Christmas lunch degustation? I'm so jealous!

    And I'm in awe that you a) created such a gorgeous dessert b) shared it with your colleagues, and c) in a restaurant after a degustation! It looks (and sounds) straight off the menu, and not so "dry" as you described three other dishes.

    By Anonymous Helen, at Wed. Nov. 30, 03:52:00 pm AEDT  

  • Sounds a bit dissapointing so I might take your advice & try it anyway & just not do the degustation menu

    By Blogger Ange, at Thu. Dec. 01, 02:54:00 pm AEDT  

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