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Friday, November 04, 2005

WCB 22

Don't you love the way cats can just curl up anywhere in any old position and fall asleep? And they never seem to wake up with a crick in their neck! Look at the way Tasha is grasping her ankle with her paw. Tasha likes getting cuddled for her morning naps but Bella prefers cuddling up at night. She likes touching noses and butting her head against mine to show her love. When we allow them in the room at night, she will often hop onto the bed while I'm lying on my stomach reading. She will then proceed to rub her face against my face before flopping down between me and the book and falling blissfully asleep. She also likes to place her head on my pillow and fall asleep facing me. If I turn to face the other way and have my back to her, she has been known to get up, walk around to the other side and lie down again so that we are facing each other once more.

Share your kitty sleeping habits with us! This week, WCB is being hosted by Boo-licious of Masak-masak from whom this list has been plagiarised:

Check out Babe's patchwork kitties at Babe in the City - KL;
Check out
Macroom who has found a great place to sleep at Dispensing Happiness;
Check out sleepy Lucky, the tuxedo cat at the Countess.;
Lady is checking out the neighbour's kitties this weekend at Middle Fork;
Check out baby
Rima playing hide and seek at Les Carnets de sbmarie;
Check out
Guido with his hot green eyes at Slowly She Turned;
Check out
Gigolokitty whipping up a love potion at Gigolokitty!; and
Check out
Aggie doing a supermodel pose at Kayaksoup
Check out Rita and Stuart during laundry day at Belly Timber;
Check out
Edith whose tongue is showing some action at Anne's Food;
Check out the snow princess
Lixue eyeing those birdies at Look Hunny, I Cooked;
Check out
Pixel and Billy Lee over at the food pornographer;
Check out
Barbara's kitties' true confessions at Tigers & Strawberries;
Check out
Boots busting tires at Heather's Space;
Check out
Ike and Abe sharing a stool in the Restaurant Widow; and
Check out
Bussi and Lyle having a slumber party at Basic Juice
Check out Le Petit Tigre who loves yoghurt at Lali et Cie; and
Check out
New Cat sitting at the side of the veggie bed (not in it) at Farmgirl Fare


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