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Friday, December 02, 2005

Char Siew Chicken Bao & Miso Eggplant

For dinner tonight, we had some homemade chicken char siew bao, which A loved because it had real chunks of chicken in it! My mum will be very impressed to hear that I made the dough from scratch according to the recipe for Leavened Dough from a book called 'Making Dumplings' by Amelia Liang that she had brought back from Malaysia for me. I kneaded together 250g plain flour&250g wholemeal flour (it's what I had), 40g sugar, 2 tsp dry yeast mixed with 260-280ml warm water and 1 tbs baking powder, then added 20g oil. The dough was left to proof until doubled in size before using to wrap the char siew chicken. It was left to rise again for 30 min before being steamed for around 15 min. I can tell you that it was delicious and a lovely change to be able to identify the type of meat that you were ingesting- LOL! (Sigh - just had a look at my photo of the bao and realised that I prob should have placed it onto a diff coloured plate...)

I also cooked some eggplant flavoured with miso. I started by heating up some chilli flakes then stir-fried the diced eggplant until softened before added the usual mix of shoyu, mirin, sake and sugar. After stirring through for a few minutes, I added some instant miso soup mix (hey, it's what I happened to have in my pantry) before dishing it up.


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