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Sunday, December 04, 2005

I did it! and Baker D. Chirico

Here is what I did this morning - the Sussan 10km Fun Run! I was pretty chuffed to (a) complete the whole 10k without stopping to walk; and (b) come in at just over 54min. Although my husband often questions why they would name events like these 'fun runs', I have to say that it really was fun to be running on such a beautiful sunshiny morning along the St Kilda foreshore and look out onto the blue, blue waters. So, how was your morning? :-)

After completing the event, we headed to Baker D. Chirico, an artisan bakery on Fitzroy Street, to pick up a loaf. There are many delicious-looking treats just waiting to be had: lemon creme brulee, strawberry custard tarts, almond biscuits, baby meringues, little flourless chocolate cakes. We left with a loaf of rye bread and a slice of pear custard tart for my hubby, who sat reading patiently while waiting for me to complete the run. The loaf was just out of the oven, and we waited (im)patiently for it to cool before cutting some slices to have with lunch. Mmmmm, talk about yummy bread - so moist and fragrant.


  • I'm impressed by your time in the run. I love to walk for exercise but can't quite make it to a run!

    By Blogger Kalyn, at Mon. Dec. 05, 12:28:00 am AEDT  

  • Every since I started studying at UniMelb, I've wanted to take part in a fun run, but haven't had the nerve!

    Haven't tried that bakery yet, but it looks yum! Top of my list went I get back.

    By Blogger Kimbie, at Mon. Dec. 05, 01:28:00 am AEDT  

  • Kalyn: I'm sure the time is not very impressive at all, but I was pleased to have achieved it for myself.

    Kimbie: There are plenty of opportunities coming up and you can start with the 4km ones (which is what I did!). They are lots of fun and give you a great sense of achievement! Go for it!!!
    Btw, it's great to see more bloggers in Melbourne around!

    By Blogger cin, at Mon. Dec. 05, 09:53:00 am AEDT  

  • congrats! :)

    yes, your timing is quite good i must say... keep it up girl. do you run often?

    saw your comment on my blog; and regarding how long i trained, well i usually run a few times a week but for the marathon, i had about 3 months training.

    eh but i didn't train enough cos i had no time. so many exams to study for. But it was quite bearable because this year I took part in two other runs already - a 10 km (trail, terrain, sand and a half marathon. so that was in itself training for me.

    but man, i totally love running! that endorphin rush is so addictive.. don't you think so? haha :)

    By Blogger the baker, at Mon. Dec. 05, 08:03:00 pm AEDT  

  • I think the time sounds impressive. I know it takes me about 45 minutes to drag two dogs round the park once. You couldn't have chosen a better place to buy bread and pastries. You should try their muffins one day. Very moist and made without butter.

    By Blogger Ed Charles, at Wed. Dec. 07, 10:25:00 am AEDT  

  • Wow Cin! That's amazing (well it would be for me to do it!). Gosh, if I were really fit then I could justify eating a lot more bread! I'm very impressed with your run.

    By Blogger plum, at Wed. Dec. 07, 12:40:00 pm AEDT  

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