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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Trdlo - crazy bread!?

After our snack, we wandered to the Old Town Square in the heart of the city where the biggest Christmas Market in town is held. The atmosphere here feels so much celebratory than home with stalls selling gingerbread, Christmas decorations, roasted chesnuts, candied almonds and so on. There is a large Christmas tree in the middle of the square and a nativity scene in front of it. Everyone is rugged up in thick jackets and scarves, wandering around with paper cups of mulled wine or grog (hot rum) in their mittened hands.

We came across an unusual-looking traditional Czech pastry called Trdlo. The stallholder told us that the word 'trdlo' means crazy - I guess because the bread is loopy? Any other ideas?

Anyway, the dough is wrapped around a steel rolling pin, baked over open flames then rolled in sugar, vanilla, rushed almonds and cinnamon while it's stil hot. Deliciously warm and fragrant but the bread is just a tad on the doughy side for us (as with most of the bread here, we find). It seems very popular here though - I wonder if you can only find it at this time of year?


  • Wow Cin great to see the travel updates! I can experience Christmas on the other side of the globe while remaining here in Melbourne!

    Looking forward to more!

    By Blogger plum, at Sat. Dec. 17, 09:19:00 pm AEDT  

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