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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Driving to Colmar and Baden Baden

So we were driving to Colmar, just south of Strasbourg, when we saw this on the highway:

Yes that's right, there was a little pony trotting merrily down the highway, seemingly oblivious to the traffic surrounding it. What's more, it was travelling in the fast lane! Every car had to slow down and pull into the slower lane in order to get around it. A police car was driving behind the little pony, trying to encourage it to one side so that cars could drive past and resume their normal driving speeds of >150 - 160km/hour. A. had such a lot of fun driving at these high speeds - we normally get to do 110km/h max.

We wandered through its Christmas market and browsed the local produce. For lunch, we had a potato, saucisson and sauerkraut dish that was mixed and cooked in a large pan but I forget the name of it. We enjoyed the hot potato and sausage mix (it was a cold day) but I didn't much like the sauerkraut. I guess I've only just come to appreciate olives and other pickles more recently anyway, so don't take my word for it.

I wanted to bring home that 1.5 metre loaf of oven-baked bread that you can see at the back of this stall, but I didn't think they would allow me to bring it on board the plane. They were also selling pain d-epice by the kilo here.

The next day, we crossed the German border to Baden Baden (I love the name!) and Karlsruhe. We met a girl in Baden Baden who had just returned from Perth and she was so excited to see some visiting Aussies that she showed us the CD of aboriginal music that she bought in Perth and also gave us a free Christmas decoration.

Look at the churros being made here. The man was squeezing the dough into the hot oil and snipping it off at lengths of around 17cm. When they turned a golden brown, they were quickly scooped up, drained and deposited in front of his wife. The churros were generously dusted with icing sugar and filled into paper cones for a line of customers waiting eagerly to get their paws on the hot Spanish doughnuts. As we had already had our fill of other Christmas goodies, we managed to tear ourselves away from this cart empty-handed.


  • hmm, yumm, freshly fried churros! i very much doubt if i could have had the self-discipline to walk away!

    By Blogger J, at Mon. Jan. 16, 05:45:00 pm AEDT  

  • whoa so beautiful!

    By Blogger babe_kl, at Mon. Jan. 16, 07:36:00 pm AEDT  

  • I love saukraut, having been brought up by Polish & Lithuanian granparents I grew up eating it whenever we saw them, now that they have passed away I will have to learn how to prepare it myself I miss it so much, the homemade version is much better by far than anything I have tasted in Europe.

    PS - I love your travel tales & it makes me miss my time living in Europe.

    Check out my blog when u have a spare sec, more exciting entries coming soon when I am finally off my Jan detox!

    By Blogger Ange, at Tue. Jan. 17, 02:55:00 pm AEDT  

  • Wow! I trekked this same path this summer! Colmar, Baden Baden, and Karlsruhe as my sister lives in Frieburg. Lovely country.

    This blog has my favorite things too.... food, travel, more food and cats!

    Cheers, Dana

    By Blogger Dana, at Sun. Jan. 22, 06:43:00 pm AEDT  

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