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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Truffled Eggs!

We bought a truffle in Paris. And then we wondered what we were going to have it with and how we were going to have it, given that we were staying in a hotel with no cooking facilities. Well, I knew that I wanted to try it with eggs, so we bought some organic eggs from the food emporium in Galleries Lafayette.

We nestled the truffle with the eggs, wrapped them up and left them overnight: The next morning, I placed them gently in the kettle, filled it up with cold water and turned the kettle on. The eggs were left for a few more minutes after the water had come to a boil before being fished out with a teaspoon. Perfect soft boiled eggs with truffle shaved over the top! I left mine in for a little longer even and had hard boiled egg with shaved truffle.

Next time, I'm going to try frying an egg on the bottom of an iron :-)


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