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Thursday, February 09, 2006

New Year Celebrations in Paris!

Yes, this post is way late, but I'm still catching up on posts from our trip...

We spent New Year's Eve in Paris but instead dining at a swanky restaurant and joining the Champs Elysee crowd for the fireworks, we chose to have an intimate dinner for two at our hotel room. That morning, we left our bottle of Veuve Cliquot to chill (the balcony was colder than our bar fridge) while we gathered our menu items from a little place located on a little side street just off Rue St Honore. They had scallops, sea urchin, prawns, crabs and a host of other delicacies to tempt us but we (only) ended up purchasing a cooked lobster, seaweed salad and some caviar.

The hotel kindly provided us with dinner plates, champagne glassess and cutlery, and we were set to go! We laid everything out on a tray and sat on the bed for a simple, fun hotelroom picnic - just the two of us.

We chatted, read and watched television while waiting for the countdown, then rushed out onto the balcony when the clock struck 12, with me wrapped in a thick blanket, to clink our glasses of champagne and gaze at the firework display.


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