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Saturday, April 08, 2006

A Simple Meal with Friends

We had our friends, P&C, over for dinner last week. It was just a simple Friday night meal, nothing fancy or troublesome but just an easy-going, lovely time for catching up. I picked up a few things from Lygon Street - chicken & veal ravioli from Domini's, anti-pasto from King & Godfree - and Victoria Market - foccacia, so the only thing I really had to prepare were the tomato sauce and dessert.

I began the tomato sauce by slow-cooking some onions and garlic with a small piece of salami (for a subtle smoky flavour). A tin of passata and some fresh tomatoes were tipped in and these were closely followed by some oregano. The sauce was left to simmer for some time before fresh basil was torn and stirred in. The fresh ravioli was added to the tomato sauce and served with foccacia studded with rosemary and sprinkled with seasalt and a fig-fresh goat's curd-rocket salad. The tomato sauce complemented the ravioli perfectly - YUM! And was happy to have accidentally received the single piece of salami:

A: "I REALLY liked how you added salami to the sauce!"

Me:"What salami? Oh, THAT salami! I forgot to fish it out!"

For dessert, a Mocha Coffee Cake drizzles over with melted dark chocolate and Joel Durand Caramel au Beurre Sale and topped with a single coffee bean. Recipe to follow shortly.


  • those little cakes look scrumptious! And what is Joel Durand Caramel au Beurre Sale?

    By Blogger plum, at Sat. Apr. 08, 12:24:00 pm AEST  

  • the meal look great. I envy your ability to "pick up a few things from Lygon Street". City living certainly must have its advantages over a small country town. Dessert is beautifully presented.

    By Blogger Amanda & Debbie, at Sat. Apr. 08, 12:46:00 pm AEST  

  • love the pic..it sure makes us drool!

    By Blogger fooDcrazEE, at Sat. Apr. 08, 08:48:00 pm AEST  

  • Wow. Looks great! And heh, I would be excited too if I found the lucky bit of salami too! lol

    By Anonymous helen, at Sun. Apr. 09, 01:53:00 am AEST  

  • Plum, it's a jar of salted caramel that we picked up in Paris

    Amanda & Debbie: Living in the city is GREAT! Thanks!

    Foodcrazee: Aw, shucks!

    Helen: It was specially for him, of course. :-)

    By Blogger cin, at Sun. Apr. 09, 09:56:00 pm AEST  

  • Wow!

    All I can say is that I would LOVE to become your friend!!!

    Seriously though, that looks fantastic. And it proves what I've always believed which is that the simplest meals shared with those you care about are ALWAYS the best ones!

    Great blog!

    By Anonymous Ivonne, at Wed. Apr. 12, 08:59:00 am AEST  

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