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A Few of My Favourite Things!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Mussels are so incredibly easy to cook, it's hard to go wrong. After debearding them and giving them a once over with a brush, these mussels were thrown into a pot with some sauteed onions, parsley and white wine, steamed until they opened. Serve immediately with a crusty baguette! Mmmmm....
We also had this:

I recently bought "The Soup Peddlar's Slow & Difficult Soups" by David Ansell, who shares with us his first season of serving soup to those in his neighbourhood and 35 soup recipes. I have to admit that I've skipped past all the reminiscing and straight to the soup recipes. I flipped through a number that sounded promising but how could I go past the 'Armenian Apricot Soup'? Kinda like a watery dahl but with the sweetness of apricots instead of warmth of spices. I did add a few dashes of white pepper to cut through some of the sweetness but all-in-all the soup was quite delicious.

Armenian Apricot Soup

1 tbs olive oil, 2 onions (diced), 3 carrots (chopped), 1 tbs groud cumin, 3 cups red lentils, 10 cups water, 375g dried apricots (chopped), salt & white pepper

  1. Saute onions in carrots in olive oil for around 10 min.
  2. Add cumin and stir well before decreasing heat and sweating vegetables for 10 min
  3. Add lentils and enough water to cover. Bring to a simmer and cook for 20 min until softened. Top up water as required
  4. Remove from heat and stir in apricots, remaining water and season. Puree until smooth and serve hot (although I think room temp is fine too)


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