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Monday, June 05, 2006

Almond Crescents: Pancake-Style

Is there to be no end to my culinary disasters? Actually, as much as this one did not work out, it actually did work out in the end.

Have you tried those Greek almond cookies that are shaped like a crescent? Well, A. has been telling me how much he loves these. One of his friend's mum used to make this and they would have it warm from the oven - mmmmm, heavenly. I really wanted to recreate this memory for him so I googled a few recipes and set about making the dough. I really can't remember which recipe I ended up using now, but the dough was so soft that it could not actually be shaped into crescents and I ended up forming quenelles. Into the oven they went and, boy, did they smell fantastic! One look through the window though would have shown you that they melted into puddles so flat that you would have mistaken them for brandy snaps instead of the almond crescents they were meant to be. One bite into the cookies though and we were the ones melting! They actually tasted a lot like brandy snaps and were heavenly served either alone or with a great vanilla icecream, a dessert that A. has named 'Shards of Delight':


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