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A Few of My Favourite Things!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Funtastico is Fantastico!

While in Perth a couple of weeks back, the concierge at our hotel recommended that we dine at Funtastico. 'An unusual name' we thought. Well, we wanted to check out Subiaco anyway, so why not!

We ordered the Spaghetti Marinara al Cartoccio,which consisted of fresh fish, clams, calamari, prawns, scallops and mussels with Napoletana sauce, baked in a “cartuch” and served in the “cartuch” at the table. Basically, this required them to bring the bag that the pasta and seafood was cooked to our table and emptying it into the plate in front of us. Bold, strong flavours and we relished every mouthful of it. We also had another smaller dish which I cannot for the life of me remember now, but I do remember that it was good too ;-) We finished up with the sticky date pudding recommended by our waitress but the pudding got zapped for a little too long in the microwave.

Nevertheless, we had such a lovely meal at Funtastico that we dropped by again for lunch the next day! We had been eyeing the wood-fired pizzas that we saw delivered to tables surrounding us the night before, so we selected the kervella pizza - rocket, kalamata olives, goat’s cheese and cherry tomatoes on a puffed up, thin base. This was accompanied by a rocket & radicchio with walnuts and a blue cheese dressing. The rocket was still gritty from not having been washed thoroughly so this was sent back to the kitchen. Our pizza arrived not long after and it was FUN-tastic. Unlike the salad, the rocket on the pizza was fine but a beetle deposited on one of our pizza slices probably landed there when the rocket was scattered on at the end.

The manager (or possibly owner) absolutely refused to allow us to pay for the pizza despite our argument that we had enjoyed the rest of the pizza. That's unusual indeed!We're going to be back.

12 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Perth

Phone Number: 9381 2688

Fax Number: 9381 8492

Email: eat@funtastico.com.au


  • Sounds like you had a pretty awful experience of the place - I'm surprised you rate it so highly! Still, I've always liked Funtastico. Bloody stupid name though... ;)

    By Anonymous Ed, at Thu Sep 14, 02:52:00 pm AEST  

  • we really enjoyed the food at dinner and the pizza (despite the little bug!) at lunch so no complaints there. admittedly the rocket had sandy grains but the service was good in terms of ensuring that we didn't pay for that meal at all. I'm happy to forgive the unwashed salad if they take any complaints into account and don't just ignore customers.

    By Blogger cin, at Thu Sep 14, 11:12:00 pm AEST  

  • Hey Cin,

    Sounds like you had a good time, I've been hit and miss at Funtastico, but they are definitely eager to please... Next time you come over I'll take you to Ciao Italia... It's small, cramped, noisey, and the play a looping acordian soundtrack that never changes... but the food is unreal and it feels like family every time. Plus if you're lucky enough to know the pizza chef he will make you a calzone bigger than your head (well huge anyway).

    Matt :)

    By Blogger Matt at Abstract Gourmet, at Fri Sep 15, 12:27:00 am AEST  

  • hey, what's a little extra protein? ;)

    By Blogger barbie2be, at Fri Sep 15, 02:21:00 am AEST  

  • Matt: Sounds like a great place - looking forward to it ! If I bouff my hair up heaps, will that count?

    Barbie2be: Protein doesn't hurt but I probably prefer mine in a more traditional (to me) form!

    By Blogger cin, at Fri Sep 15, 08:49:00 am AEST  

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